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The Problems With Ring.com Partnering With Police
Multiple police forces across the United States have partnered with Ring.com. These police departments want access to Ring.com users' video doorbells and video camera systems. In theory access to camera footage should lower crime levels and help solve crimes. There are many issues though with Police...
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Who is Avante Security, and Do They Truly Offer Value for Money?
For a homeowner looking to install a home alarm system, there are no shortage of security companies and alarm system monitoring services. The market is flooded with all varieties of service providers with diverse product and service offerings, at various price points. In this blog post, we are focus...
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How to Cancel Your Home Security Service from The Monitoring Center
Years ago, you signed up to have your alarm system and home security system monitored by The Monitoring Center. Today, you want to cancel your service. Perhaps you are unhappy with their service or may simply want to update your system. It’s possible you are looking to save some money with another...
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What Are Toronto's Safest Neighbourhoods?
Toronto is Canada's largest city. With a population over 6 million people, Toronto is continuing to grow bigger and bigger and is considered the foremost commercial hub in Canada. However, even with such a large population, Toronto's regarded as a very safe city. Here are Toronto's safest neighbourh...
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Uber and Lyft Safety Tips - How to Protect Yourself
Uber and Lyft are two incredibly popular ride sharing apps/services. At the push of a button through an app, you can get a lift anywhere in various cities. These apps are convenient and used by millions of people. While the vast majority of time customers have zero issues with these apps, on rare oc...
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