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Do Online Home Security Company Reviews Matter?
Now a day you can get someone’s opinion on just about anything when looking online. Some things that you would have never thought in a million years people even cared about enough to comment on. This is why social media is becoming more and more popular and companies are becoming much more aware o...
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Why Criminals Go To The Front Door Before Breaking In
As time goes on more and more people are being subject to break-ins. In society today people are purchasing more and more high-end goods that they wish to protect in all of their homes and or businesses. So criminals are taking advantage of this opportunity and studying their victims for the best op...
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5 Safety Tips For University Students
Going away to university or college is a very exciting time.  You’re independent and living away from the watchful eyes of your parents for the first time.  But as well as looking forward to your new found freedom, aren’t you just a tad nervous? You’ve thought about your courses, your tuitio...
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What Are Some Safety Tips for Seniors?
We have all heard the statistics about our aging population.   Today we are enjoying longer life spans and better health than ever before and the proportion of seniors in the Canadian population is expected to double by 2025.   Seniors have concerns in common with everyone else – concerns abou...
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How Can You Protect Yourself Online?
Online banking and shopping have certainly made life more convenient.  However, it is very important to keep personal and financial information secure when you go online.  Here are some suggestions to help you do just that: Use your own computer whenever possible to access your financial records o...
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