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5 Tips To Reduce Home Alarm System False Alarms
The vast majority of time that an alarm system is triggered it's a false alarm? User error is a key reason why alarms are triggered. Alarm systems are incredibly important and provide unparalleled value in regards to safety and security. The problem is that the more false alarms a customer has, the ...
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How Can You Secure Your Car When Parked Outside Overnight?
Many people park their cars outdoors overnight in their driveways or on the street. While convenient, this leaves your car vulnerable to being broken into. How can you park outdoors at night and keep your car secure? Make sure that you park your car somewhere well lit. Bright lights act as a strong ...
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Privacy and Home Security
More and more home alarm companies are storing customer data. Data farming is a key component to both Google and Amazon. These companies are new to home security with Nest and Ring.com. Does data storage lead to an invasion of customer privacy? Should home alarm customers worry about their alarm com...
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Wireless vs. Wired Security System
In today's world, the threats to your property and life are increasing at an alarming rate. We hear news of burglars breaking into the houses on a daily basis. In this situation, it becomes necessary to adopt measures for the safety and security of your family and property. Home security systems are...
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How to Hide a Trail Cam for Home Security?
When you are planning your home security, the first thing that comes to mind is a security camera system to detect and record the burglars. You can find a wide range of security cameras in the market, but do these cameras really do justice when a thief attempts to break into your home or business [&...
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