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What’s More Valuable: A Monitored Home Alarm or Home Security Camera?
Are you thinking about purchasing a home alarm system or security camera? There is no shortage of choices for both. You keep asking yourself which is more valuable - a monitored alarm system or a home security camera? The ideal security solution would have both a monitored alarm system and a home se...
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Can A Home With Pets Have An Alarm System?
You're a homeowner and have pets. You love your furry little pets, but can you protect your home and your pet with a monitored alarm system? Will your pet set the system off constantly with false alarms? You know the value of a monitored alarm system, but will having a dog or cat make it […]...
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Who Is Lifeshield?
Lifeshield is an America home alarm company based in Pennsylvania. Lifeshield provides a DIY (do-it-yourself) security solution and has customers throughout the United States. The company was founded in 2002 and has had an interesting history. Lou Stilp founded Lifeshield under the name InGrid Home ...
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Will A Home Alarm Save You Money On Your Insurance?
You're thinking about getting a home alarm system. You understand that a monitored alarm will provide fantastic security. The icing on the cake is that you just found out that having a monitored alarm will also save you money on your homeowners insurance. The questions are how and why does a home al...
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What Is Smart Home Automation?
You've seen commercials from security companies about smart home automation. You're unsure what smart home automation really is. You hear that it's cool and provides convenience, but you don't quite grasp what smart home automation lets you do. What is smart home automation and should you add it to ...
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