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How To Cancel Your Simplisafe System
You have a Simplisafe alarm system and you're looking to cancel monitoring. You've decided to go to a different alarm company or you no longer need the service. How can you cancel monitoring for your Simplisafe security system? What are the steps for cancellation? It's actually a fairly easy process...
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Home Security Cameras - How Do They Improve Your Protection?
Security cameras are a great addition to any alarm system. Video cameras add additional peace of mind. They let users see outside the home at anytime. Not all security cameras are created equal though. There are multiple things to consider when adding video surveillance to your home alarm system. An...
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What Is An Alarm System?
You hear the term alarm system all the time. Do you actually know what it is? How does an alarm system work? Why do you need an alarm system? This blog will break down what an alarm system is, how it works, and the benefits you get from having an alarm system. An alarm system […]...
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4 Reasons To Not Get An Alarm System From A Cable Company
Throughout Canada and the US, cable companies are selling monitored alarm systems. It's tempting to bundle home security with your other cable services. It's easy. And the company says it will save you money? Sounds too good to be true, right? Never have a cable company secure your house! There are ...
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Toronto Crime - How Safe Is Toronto?
Toronto Ontario is Canada's largest city. With close to 7 million people in and around the city, it's one of the largest in North America. While perceived as very safe, how safe is it really? Is it getting more dangerous? Are Torontonians secure at home? What about walking downtown? We hear constant...
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