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If you own a home in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, or anywhere in between, it’s important to protect your belongings, especially when you aren’t home. Getting a home security system means that you can sleep peacefully, knowing that thinkpro is on the job. You save money installing your equipment and our affordable model 24-hour monitoring is proven to be effective.

News and statistics show that crime is on the rise, across Canada. Keep reading to find out more about thinkpro home security systems and what you can do to guard against criminals waiting to break in and disrupt your life.

Protect Your Family: The Latest Crime Stats Reveal Crime is Rising

In this section, we provide a look at all major crimes, burglaries, and property crimes for the country and in four major cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary.

We measure police-reported crime in Canada by Crime Severity Index (CSI). This measure increased year over year by 5% to 75.6 in 2019. However, the CSI was down 9% when compared to statistics from 2009. The CSI is measured from a baseline set in 2006 and represents the severity and volume of reported crimes in Canada. Unfortunately, all major indexes, including violent and nonviolent crimes have increased for the past five years.

thinkpro home security systems safeguard your home against thieves and dangerous criminals.

Protect Your Urban or Suburban Home from Runaway Crime

The total number of all crimes in Canada increased from 2,280,328 to 2,438,518 from 2018 to 2019. That’s just a 1% increase, but it means that there are 4.6 crimes per minute throughout the country. While more recent stats are not available yet, it is safe to say these figures can only have moved upward.

You worked hard to save money for a house and start a family. With the right alarm systems, you can sleep peacefully knowing that thinkpro is your guardian angel in the event of a break-in or other crime attempt at your house, condo, apartment, or vacation home.

Consider thinkpro Home Security Systems to Combat an Increase in Burglaries

The total number of burglaries in Canada increased from 160,329 to 161,291 from 2018 to 2019, representing a slight increase of 0.6%. In 2019, there were 442 burglaries reported per day throughout Canada. thinkpro self-installed cameras and security systems can keep your home out of the statistics.

Pro Tip: Let’s not forget, no matter where you live, adding smoke and monoxide detectors to your home security system gives you even more protection.

Property Crimes Have Risen Steadily since 2015

Is Your Home Protected with thinkpro?

The total number of property crimes in Canada increased from 1,241,083 to 1,319,562 from 2018 to 2019. Edmonton had the biggest jump of nearly 1% (436 more crimes per 100,000 people).

Here’s a look at the number of major property crimes in Canadian cities in 2019:

No matter where you live, it’s important to stay alert for trouble. thinkpro helps you do that.

thinkpro Can Help You Protect Your Home and Family

Are you looking for ways to protect your home and family? thinkpro provides essential protection for your home. From condos to stand-alone homes, our alarm systems provide vital protection. Let us be your eyes and ears when you're not home or when you’re asleep.

Our DIY equipment provides excellent cost savings for young professionals and those with growing families on a budget. Choose from the following products:

Our sensors detect motion and breaking glass and ensure that help is on the way. Indoor and outdoor cameras combined with flood, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels provide comprehensive safety and security for your new or existing home.

We also offer small business security systems and products.

Talk to a pro at 1-855-76-THINK or 1-855-76-84465 to find out how easy it is to install our home security systems. We don’t want your family to become an unfortunate crime stat. Defend your dreams!

thinkpro offers security technology to fit your life and your budget.