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September 21, 2015
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3 Amazing Features of The Think Protection Mobile App

Every Think Protection home alarm system comes with access to our mobile app free of charge. The app is available on both Android and iPhones. The app is feature rich, allowing you to do things not available through most other home alarm company's mobile apps. With the Think Protection app, you can turn the system on and off remotely. This can be done in both away mode and home mode. This means that in each mode, certain peripherals may be active, letting you arm properly regardless of if you're home or not. In the away mode, your motion detectors may be active, while if you have it set for home mode it might just be your door contacts and maybe a glass break sensor. This gives you freedom and flexibility to always have your system active, giving you the best security at all times. Another great thing about the Think Protection app is that you can control all your smart devices. The app gives you full home automation right at your fingertips. Your smart lights, thermostat, front door and even your garage door can all be controlled by the app. The functionality is amazing, and lets you have unparalleled control of your home from anywhere in the world. And you can add smart devices at anytime, so the app can scale with all of your security and home automation needs. You can also do amazing things like control the audio prompts of your system through the app. If you don't want the system to make any beeps when it's arming or disarming, you can mute the system through the app. You can also control each individual part of your system, so if you want to turn a zone (specific peripheral) on or off, you can directly through your app. The app will also tell if you're having any problems with the system exactly which part needs attention - so you'll always know every detail about the system at all times. The Think Protection app is robust and also easy to use. Downloading the app is free of charge and the ability to arm and disarm your system is included free with your $12.99/month home alarm system. And remember, all Think Protection systems come with no contract! Get the absolute best home alarm system at the lowest price with Think Protection by calling 1-855-76-THINK (1-855-768-4465)! Image of a hand holding the Think Protection Mobile App