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How Do You Cancel Protect America Alarm System?
You have a Protect America alarm system but want to cancel services. Maybe you are unhappy with their monthly price. Maybe you are out of contract and want a different provider. Whatever the reason, there are steps you can take to cancel your service. Here are the steps to cancel your Protect Americ...
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Facebook Contractors Listening In On Users' Recordings
Do you use Facebook Messenger to speak with friends? Have you tried Messenger's voice chats? Voice chats are convenient and have a cool factor to it. I bet you thought that all conversations through there were private. Well, sadly that's not the case. It was announced that Facebook contractors have ...
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How Much Home Security Is Too Much?
You have decided to get an alarm system to protect your home and family. You are trying to figure out which equipment and services are truly necessary to provide a proper level of protection. Do you need to turn your home into a castle (moat and drawbridge included)? Probably not. With that said tho...
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The Problems With Ring.com Partnering With Police
Multiple police forces across the United States have partnered with Ring.com. These police departments want access to Ring.com users' video doorbells and video camera systems. In theory access to camera footage should lower crime levels and help solve crimes. There are many issues though with Police...
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Who is Avante Security And What Do They Offer?
Toronto has no shortage of security companies. One security company located in Toronto is Avante Security. Who is Avante Security and what do they offer? Avante Security is a high-end security company that was founded in 1996. Avante focuses on securing homes in the central area of Toronto. Their co...
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