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March 16, 2023
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Is Calgary Safe?: A Question of Security

Moving to another city can be a daunting but thrilling adventure—especially for younger adults or families looking for a place to call home. If you haven’t decided on a location just yet, you might want to look into one of Canada’s most famous cities, Calgary.

This metropolis is home to more than 1.6 million people and was named the world’s third-most livable city (tied with Zurich in Switzerland) in 2022. It’s a favourite amongst travellers, visitors, and Canadians alike and has consistently earned top marks for stability, healthcare, and education systems. 

But is Calgary safe to live in? Keep reading to find out!

Crime Statistics in Calgary 

Calgary, the third largest city in Canada, is perceived to be generally safe. But to determine if this is true, we need to look at the city’s most recent crime statistics. 

The following reports give an overview of Calgary’s crime rates. These were recorded throughout the year and collected during the final quarter of 2022.

  1. Homicide

During the fourth quarter of 2022, there were five homicides recorded—a 32% reduction from the five-year average. By the end of the year, it was reported that 27 homicide victims were recorded, a slight increase from the average and a jump from the 21 recorded in 2021. Four out of the 27 victims were domestic-motivated.

  1. Sexual Offences

Reported sexual offences decreased by 14% from the average for the fourth quarter of 2022. It is understood that this figure is in line with the average by the end of the year. 

Additionally, the number of victims of domestic violence dropped 10% from the five-year average during the last quarter of the year, ending the year at a 9% below-average level. However, domestic conflict reports increased by 9% over the average levels.

  1. Presence of Deadly Weapons

The presence of weapons in violent crimes dropped marginally during the last months of 2022. The percentage representing the presence of firearms registered reduced by 21% in the fourth quarter. However, it was reported that by the year-end, the total figure saw an increase of 30%—higher than the average.

 A person with a weapon surveilling a home at night

  1. Non-Physical Violent Crimes

In 2022, there was a reported increase in non-physical violent crimes such as extortion, criminal harassment, harassing communications, and uttering threats, notably under the influence of the pandemic. 

  1. Commercial and Personal Theft

Robberies were on the decline in the fourth quarter, following notable increases in the first two quarters of the year in both commercial and personal theft. 

With the exception of fraud, all property crime categories recorded have declined during the last quarter. Breaking and entering of dwellings were 38% below average, and commercial break and enters were 22% below average levels. Also, vehicle thefts were down 11%. By the end of 2022, property crime volumes were in line with average levels.

  1. Youth Offenders

The total number of young offenders identified was 24% lower than the five-year average in the fourth quarter, with the reduction in property crime involvement driving the decrease (55% reduction). The number of youth offenders identified that were involved in violent crimes dropped a total of 11% from the average.

  1. Police Service Requests

Police service requests were 11% lower than the five-year average by the end of last year. But citizen use of the online reporting system grew by 23% during this quarter. During this period, police responded to an average of 923 calls per day, while online citizen reports averaged 46 per day.

  1. Disorderly Behaviours

Finally, there was a reported 9% decrease in calls about disorderly behaviours, while calls regarding mental health concerns, unwanted guests, disturbances, threats, and property damage increased.

Disorder calls were 4% lower than average by year-end and constituted an average of 263 calls a day from the public.

How to Raise Your Level of Safety 

So, is Calgary safe? 

While there are clear increases and decreases in the reported crime rate statistics in Calgary, it remains a safe city to live in and travel to. Compared to other provinces or cities in the country, Calgary’s crime rates are significantly lower than average.

If you’re still alarmed, there are a number of ways you can increase your level of safety. For instance, always be aware of your surroundings and trust your intuition. Avoid walking alone late at night and always ensure your doors and windows are secure and locked, even when you’re at home.

A person checking their CCTV-monitored rooms

Invest In a Home Alarm System 

The best way to raise your level of safety amid Calgary’s crime rates is to get a monitored home alarm system. They are a fantastic deterrent and would make any criminal think twice about breaking into your property or vandalizing your space. Additionally, homes with alarm systems are three times less likely to have a break-in than those without.

Still not convinced? Here are some ways that a home alarm system can benefit you:

  • It doesn’t only protect you from burglars, but also from other potentially dangerous situations, such as fires and carbon monoxide leaks. This is because some alarm systems are equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • If an intruder does attempt to break into your house, an alarm system will send a notification, giving you time to alert the authorities.
  • Some home alarm systems offer remote monitoring features, enabling you to check in on your property using your smartphone or tablet while you’re away.

Attain Peace of Mind with Think Protection 

Don’t be alarmed by Calgary’s crime rate and focus on building that extra layer of protection. A home security system can help you and your family deter potential intruders and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safely monitored 24/7.

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