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June 22, 2018
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Best Home Alarm System

When looking for the best home alarm system, there are many options. Companies like ADT, Think Protection, Simplisafe, Vivint and CPI all offer home alarm solutions. Various cable companies (Xfinity, Rogers Smart Home Monitoring) also offer home alarm solutions. With so many options, which home alarm is best?

When deciding the best home alarm system, you have to look at various criteria. Monthly monitoring rate, contract length, technology, app, geographical company limitations and money back guarantee all factor into which alarm is best. To decide which alarm is best, let's look at each category individually.

Monitoring Rate

You want to pay as little as possible while still getting the best security. Think Protection's rate is the lowest at $12.99/month. Simplisafe is second at $14.99/month. The difference between Think Protection and Simplisafe, is Think Protection comes with the mobile app included. Simplisafe charges an additional $10/month for the mobile app. Ackerman Security is next in regards to price at $19.99/month. After that there's a jump in price. AlarmForce starts at $25/month. ADT, Vivint and the cable guys (Xfinity and Rogers) are $35/month+.

With each company, the rates may be higher if you add additional services. Some of these services are cellular backup, cameras, smart home features, etc.

Contract Length

Cable companies (Xfinity, Rogers, AlarmForce - owned by Bell Canada) have 2-3 year contracts. ADT and CPI Security require customers to sign a 3-year contract. Vivint contracts are anywhere between 3-5 years. Ackerman Security requires a 1-year contract. Think Protection and Simplisafe differ from the group, with both requiring no annual contract.


Most home alarms are similar in regards to technology. Some are easier to set up and use than others. The DIY alarms typically are easier to set up, as they were engineered to be set up by anyone. This is regardless of skill level. Think Protection and Simplisafe are DIY. Both alarms can be set up in around half an hour and requires no drilling. Livewatch is another DIY alarm company. Setup for Livewatch is a little longer. It's more difficult, yet can still be done by anyone.

Vivint, Xfinity, Rogers, AlarmForce, ADT and CPI all have well designed alarm systems. They are all installed by installers (usually do to a different level of skill for set up). These systems can do the same basic functions as the DIY systems. These alarms though may require drilling. This may not be a huge negative for some. However if you plan on moving it could be an issue.


Most home alarms now come with a mobile app. Some companies charge extra for the mobile app. Other alarm companies include it in the basic service. Think Protection includes the mobile app in their basic package. Simplisafe charges a premium for their mobile app. Vivint, Rogers, ADT, Xfinity and CPI include the mobile app in their monthly rates as well. AlarmForce and Frontpoint include the mobile app based on which monthly package you choose. The same is true for Livewatch.

Geographical Boundaries

Certain alarm companies have geographical limits. This means that if you move, you cannot take your alarm with you. AlarmForce and Rogers Smart Home Monitoring are only available in Canada. ADT is available throughout North America, pending an installer can get to your home. The same is true for Vivint. Xfinity is only available in the US. Ackerman and CPI are only in certain parts of the US.

Think Protection is available throughout North America. Simplisafe is only available in the US. The same goes for Livewatch and Frontpoint.

Money Back Guarantee

Only certain companies have a money back guarantee. Think Protection has a 30-day risk free money back guarantee. If you're unhappy, Think Protection will refund you your upfront equipment payment. Simplisafe has a 60 day money back guarantee. Livewatch has a guarantee as well.

The traditional alarm companies have a shorter time period. Usually this ranges from 7-14 days. After that you are then locked into your contract. Read the terms of the contract to find out what the guarantee period is. This is usually found in the fine print.

When looking at the above criteria, it's easy to see what your best choice is. When looking for the best home alarm choice, it's Think Protection. Only $12.99/month professional monitoring, 30-day money back guarantee and no annual contract. Mobile app is included free. With Think Protection's low cost, high tech alarm system there's no better way to protect your home and family.