DIY Home Security Systems

There's no need to hire a professional to install your security system. Do it yourself in 40 minutes with the help of a representative over the phone!

Home Security Made Easy

Installing a home security system should be simple. It shouldn’t take hours, days, or even weeks. At thinkpro, we’ve taken steps to make home security installation simple and stress-free.

  • Your security equipment is shipped right to you.
  • We only use Alula professional-grade equipment.
  • We have a helpline with reps waiting to assist you.
  • All of our instructions are simple and easy to follow.
  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong.

DIY home security systems are growing in popularity, as homeowners have the power to install them on their own time. You decide what you need and what you don’t. You decide where to place your equipment. And of course, the professionals at thinkpro are available to guide you. In addition to detailed instructions, our customer service team is standing by to answer your questions and address any concerns.

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Peace of Mind Doesn't
Have to Be Complicated

At thinkpro, we make DIY super easy. With our home security solutions, you can install your system in just 30-60 minutes. With our DIY home security solutions, you can install your system in no time at all. And best yet, there’s no challenging process to cause you stress and anxiety.
It's essential to choose a home security system that is control from your smartphone. One again, thinkpro has you covered. Protect your home and family without any hassle, controlling your security system straight from your smartphone.

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Peace of Mind Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

DIY Home Security Packages

At thinkpro, we understand that no two homeowners or homes are the same. That’s why we have several DIY home security packages to choose from. Compare features and pricing to decide which one is best for you.

Value Protection Package Icon

Value Protection

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Essential Protection Package Icon

Essential Protection

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Total Protection Package Icon

Total Protection

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Total Protection + Video Package Icon

Total Protection + Video

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DIY Security Customization Options

It’s critical that you get exactly what you want from your home security system. We have multiple security customization options to ensure that your system suits your every want and need. From extra cameras to life safety devices, we have you covered.

85dB Siren

Contact Sensor - Think Protection

Contact Sensor

Garage Tilt Sensor - Think Protection

Garage Tilt Sensor

Glass Break Sensor - Think Protection

Glass Break Sensor


Motion Sensor


Panic Button


Base System with Cell Backup

Outdoor Bullet Camera - Think Protection

Outdoor Bullet

Indoor 360 Camera - Think Protection

Indoor 360

HD Doorbell Camera - Think Protection

HD Doorbell

Carbon Monoxide Detector - Think Protection

Carbon Monoxide

Disaster Sensor - Think Protection


Smoke Detector - Think Protection


Touchpad - Think Protection


Pinpad - Think Protection


LED Keypad - Think Protection

LED Keypad

Keyfob System Controls - Think Protection


Z Wave Technology - Think Protection

Z Wave Technology

Why Choose thinkpro?

No Lengthy Contracts Or Hidden Fees Icon

No lengthy contracts or
hidden fees

Lengthy home security contracts and hidden fees should be a thing of the past. We don’t lock you into a contract or sneak fees into your agreement. You’re in control with full transparency at all times.

Dead Simple DIY Equipment Installation Icon

Dead simple DIY equipment

Don’t let the thought of installing a home security system scare you. Our DIY security systems are designed with the user in mind. Anyone can install our equipment and manage the system with minimal knowledge and effort.

Monitor Your Premise From Anywhere Icon

Monitor your premise from

You don’t have to be at home to monitor your property. Our systems allow you to monitor your premise from anywhere, inside or outside of your home. Talk about peace of mind!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Icon

30-day money back

A home security system is a big purchase. If you’re on the fence, our 30-day money back guarantee should ease your concerns. We’re happy to provide you with a full refund if you have any reservations within 30 days.

Extended Hardware Warranty Icon

Extended hardware

Our security system hardware is both durable and reliable, but it still comes with an extended warranty for your peace of mind.

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Install and Save With DIY Home Security!

A hassle-free DIY home security is everything you need, plus so much more. Take pride in protecting your family and home with a system that's simple to install, affordable, and full of features you'll love.

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