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Protecting your home from theft means understanding how burglars think and adjusting your home security appropriately. Burglars waste no time and may spend less than 10 minutes in your home. Often, they start where most people keep jewelry and other valuables — the master bedroom. Although burglars may case out your home prior to the robbery, they’re typically looking for grab-and-go items of value such as electronics, jewelry, credit cards, and expensive electronics. In that time, burglars can take thousands of dollars’ worth of your belongings.

Factors that make your home attractive to burglars include:

Sometimes, the people who rob you, know you and your family and many robbers return to rob you again! So, it makes sense to take precautions to protect your home against these invaders with wired or wireless security systems. Yet, up to 75% of homes don’t have a security system.

Protecting My Home from Theft

Here are some simple but effective tips on protecting your home from theft:

Memories, belongings, expectations. Protect them all with these tips from the York police. When installing a thinkpro security system, remember to place a security camera indoors and outdoors to capture the footage you need to deter burglars or to catch them in the act should they enter your home.

Forget hidden fees and restrictive contracts by adopting flexible, affordable security solutions. thinkpro—If only the rest of your life were this easy.

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