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January 4, 2018
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Canadian Cities Are Perceived Most Dangerous

Dangerous Canadian cities. A recent survey done by Mainstreet Research listed the 15 major Canadian cities where residents felt most and least safe. These cities ranged in size and often the perception of security didn't match with the actual crime statistics. Below is the list of the 15 cities, along with the Crime Severity Index Score. The CSI score is a tool that tracks crime rates. The number takes into account volume of crime and seriousness of the offense.

The list goes from perceived most safe to perceived least safe:

  1. Ottawa, ON - csi 51.3
  2. Charlottetown - csi 48.5
  3. Victoria, BC - csi 63.8
  4. Moncton, NB - csi 75.7
  5. St. John's, NL - csi 79.2
  6. Edmonton, AB - csi 105.7
  7. Halifax, NS - csi 61
  8. Vancouver, BC - csi 94.3
  9. Regina, SK - csi 125.8
  10. Calgary, AB - csi 74.6
  11. Quebec City, QC - csi 45.2
  12. Saskatoon, SK - csi 117.8
  13. Montreal, QC - csi 57.8
  14. Toronto, ON - csi 47.5
  15. Winnipeg, MB - csi 103.9

Winnipeg was perceived as the least safe Canadian city. Based on the CSI number, it is the second least safe Canadian city with a population over 500,000. Edmonton is the least safe based on CSI number. 55% of Winnipeg residents that were surveyed said they feel somewhat or very unsafe. This was the highest number of all residents surveyed.

Ottawa was perceived as the safest. The strong government presence in the city helped the perception. High tourism also helped the perception positively.

2050 people were surveyed across Canada by Mainstreet Research.