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May 17, 2015
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Toronto Police Begin Using Bodycams

Starting Monday, May 18th, 2015, a small test group of Toronto Police will begin using bodycams. These small cameras will be situated on the police officers and will be turned on throughout the day, whenever the police officer is in contact with a civilian.

Cameras are a fantastic way to document activities, in regards to both the police officer and the civilian. With video, there is a much smaller grey area in regards to events. In light of the various situations throughout North America in regards to police officers and the general public, body cameras are a fantastic tool to create a great check and balance system.

All camera surveillance systems, whether a body camera or a home security video system, provide video evidence. This can be used to help put away criminals or to prove innocence. There is no better form of evidence that video.

Certain groups are worried that bodycams will infringe on certain individual rights.

At Think Protection, we understand how difficult a job it is to be a police officer and are supporters of the Toronto Police Department, who we believe provide ongoing top quality work throughout the community. Bodycams are a great tool to help the police do their job effectively, as it reinforces positive behavior, as all parties involved in any police situation know they may be filmed.