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July 9, 2018
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Calgary Home Security Systems

Are you in Calgary Alberta and are looking for a home security system? There are many options for a home alarm. How can you find the best security at the lowest price? Calgary has some options for home protection.

Calgary has a population close to 1.4 million people. Like any larger city, a large population means crime. While Calgary is relatively safe, it is still important to get a home alarm system. Alarm systems work. It's a proven fact. Houses with alarms are three times less likely to have a break in than those without. An alarm is a fantastic deterrent. All Calgarians should protect their home and family with a monitored alarm system.

Some alarm companies that service Calgary are Think Protection, ADT, Telus and United Alarm. These companies all offer a monitored alarm system. The prices, contract and warranty for each vary. Think Protection is $12.99/month with no contract. ADT is around $35/month with a three year contract. Telus Security starts at $25/month and has a two year contract. United Alarm is $28/down then $28/month on a 28/month contract.

These alarm companies protect Calgary and surrounding suburbs. So even if you're in Red Deer, Canmore or Banff, you can get a monitored alarm system. Ask the alarm company on their response and service area. Most will be able to do Calgary suburbs.

When choosing an alarm system, do your research. Ask about services, warranty and support. Are you looking at a cable company? Think about past experiences with them? How were phone wait times? Do you want a cable company to protect your home and family? Or do you want a company that just focuses on security? Is there a money back guarantee? What about the mobile app? Do they have one and what's the price? Do they offer video cameras? What about home automation? Do they have smart home services? Is the company Canadian? Check online reviews. Find out what other customers thought. Look at homestars and trustpilot. These are real reviews.

Calgary is a growing city. This means that there's crime. For the Q1 2018, there were 21 home invasions in Calgary. There were 2062 break and enters in Calgary during Q1 2018. 601 break and enters in Calgary were residential. This is a 7.4% raise in the five year average. While Calgary is quite safe, these statistics show that there is indeed crime in Calgary. Without a doubt, all homes in Calgary should be protected with a monitored alarm system. With the cost being minimal and the fact alarms work, there's no reason why all Calgarians shouldn't be protected.

How does a monitored alarm system work? Let's say you live in a part of Calgary. You live in the Rosedale or Bankview or Altadore (all Calgary suburbs). You have an alarm system. It's armed and someone breaks in. A siren will sound locally. Then a signal will be sent to the central station. The central station will then contact you and various emergency contacts. If it's a false alarm, you simply tell them over the phone. If it's a real break in then the Central Station will contact Calgary Police. They'll then respond accordingly.

If you live in Calgary, get your monitored alarm system today. Do your research and get an alarm that doesn't come with a contract. Get an alarm that's monitored 24/7. An alarm with a free mobile app. And one that comes with a multiyear warranty.