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October 26, 2016
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Think Protection

3 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is next week and everyone is excited. Trick or treating, candy eating and scares are coming fast and furiously. It's important to remember that while it's a fun time, it is important to be safe and to use good judgment on Halloween. Here are a three Halloween safety tips.

Make Sure Your Kids (And Yourself) Can Be Seen

When out with the little ones, make sure that they (and you) can be seen easily. It's dark out, and getting darker earlier and earlier. While black may be a spooky color, it's also a color that will make your kids hard to see. This could be dangerous with them crossing streets when going trick or treating. Make sure they have something bright on them. A reflector is always good. If they don't want to ruin their outfit, make their bag for candy collecting bright. Yellow or orange is always good to stand out. Be safe and make sure they can stand out.

Never Let Your Kids Enter Any Homes

When trick or treating, your kids will be going door to door to get candy. Monitor their actions and never let them enter any houses of people you don't know. While Halloween is a fun time, it's also a time we should be safe. Watch your children and while they can talk to strangers, never let them enter a home without your supervision.

If A Candy Is Unwrapped, Throw It Out

Mmmmm candy! One of the best parts of Halloween is collecting candy. While your kids will want as much as possible, if a candy has no wrapper or one that is open, throw it out. While the chances are slim that someone may have done something to the candy, it's always best to err on the side of caution.

All of us at Think Protection would like to wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween! Watch out for ghosts and goblins! And sleep easy knowing your secured at home by Think Protection!