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April 20, 2018
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3 Questions With Think Protection CEO Joel Matlin

At Think Protection we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best value at the best price. Our commitment to customer service comes from the top down. We recently sat down with Think Protection President and CEO Joel Matlin to discuss the importance of delivering top quality value and exceptional customer service.

Question 1: What do you think is the key to Think Protection's rapid growth?

Joel: At Think Protection, we really care about our customers. We try to think like a customer. What does a customer want? They want the best security. But they want to save money. It's all about value. At Think, we try to give the customer more than other companies for a fraction of the price. And you can't just say it, you have to do it. You have to deliver. Provide exceptional customer service, value and technology. And never lock customers down with a contract. If the product and services are the best in the industry, the customer will stay with you regardless of having a contract.

Question 2: What's the best thing about working at Think Protection?

Joel: We have a tremendous team at Think Protection that really cares about our customers. Everyone at Think Protection works hard to make sure our customers receive exceptional service. We view our customers as our family. And with that said, one thing I love is when I hear directly from our customers. Reading emails, surveys or talking on the phone with our customers. Hearing about how they appreciate the peace of mind we're able to give them. Or hearing about great experiences they've had with our staff during the sale process, installation or a customer care situation. When you hear about how Think Protection helps someone sleep well at home because they know they're safe - that's pretty amazing.

Question 3: How has the security industry changed over the past 10 years?

Joel: Technology has improved dramatically. The smartphone has made it where people can have great control over their alarm systems from anywhere. You can now do more with a DIY home alarm than you ever could have before. Installation can be done in 30 minutes, when in the past it would have taken hours. Look at it this way; we sell a battery powered wireless outdoor videocamera. It can be set up in literally minutes. You can watch a live video stream from anywhere through your smartphone. Completely wireless, able to work in all weather conditions and records in 1080p HD. A few years ago, this never would have been able to happen. Now, not only do we have it, we sell it for under $200! That's what makes Think Protection so exciting. You can get an incredibly advanced alarm system for such a fantastic price. Technology has made it where we're able to offer more than other companies at a price that can't be beaten.