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November 2, 2017
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More Security Industry Secrets They Don't Want You To Know

At Think Protection, we like to expose certain secrets that have long existed in the security industry. Shoppers deserve to know the truth about the home security industry. So here are 3 more secrets home alarm companies don't want you to know.

Installers Are Unnecessary, But Certain Companies Are Stuck With Them

Technology in the world of security has come incredibly far. No longer are alarm systems hard to set up. And those installing them don't need a technical background or certain skill set. So why do companies like ADT, AlarmForce and Vivint still have installers? The reason is because they're stuck with them. ADT, AlarmForce and Vivint would love to get rid of their installers. The issue is these companies need to somehow justify their long term contracts. They do this by saying an installer is necessary. Plus their older customer base had the installer already, so they are expected for future servicing.

Remember, installers aren't working for free. There is a significant cost to them. These costs are relayed to the customer. By choosing a company that doesn't have an installer, you're saving money and able to install the system on your own schedule. Other companies would love to use this low cost, easy process, but they can't.

You Don't Need A Salesperson To "Assess" Your Home In Person

Some alarm companies try to pressure you into having them send over a Salesperson to your home. They say this will help them properly assess your home. How can you know what you need without having someone there to see the premise in person?

The truth is it's easy to figure out your security needs over the phone. With a few simple questions, a Salesperson with the right training can easy fit your security needs remotely. So why do these companies want to send a Salesperson to your home? To pressure you into signing a contract!

It's a lot harder to say no to someone in person. Alarm companies know this. This is why some send Salespeople to your home. Never fall for this scam as it may lead to you signing up for services and equipment you didn't need.

More Equipment Doesn't Mean More Protection

To properly protect your home you need sensors on every window and door, right? Wrong. The more equipment you have doesn't necessarily mean more protection. In order to properly secure your home, you need the right amount of equipment. This can easily be figured out through answering a few questions.

The unfortunate reality though is some alarm companies will try to sell you unnecessary equipment. This is because the company makes great money on the equipment. The margins are fantastic, so they try to sell you more and more. And the equipment being sold may provide a false sense of security.

100 window contacts may not provide the same level of protection of 2 motion detectors. But some alarm companies will try to sell you those contacts because they'd make thousands of dollars more!

Go with an alarm company that will provide the proper security solution. More doesn't always mean better. A smart security package with the right amount of equipment can do the same if not better job than three times that amount.