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September 11, 2017
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4 Reasons To Add Outdoor Cameras To Your Alarm System

Outdoor cameras are an incredible tool to add to your home alarm system. They provide an additional level of protection to your home. Here is a list of 4 reasons to add them to your security system.

Added Deterrent Value

Guess what? Burglars don't want to get caught. This is why cameras are a great deterrent to burglars. A visible outdoor camera may sway a burglar thinking about breaking into your home. Strategically placed cameras will make a burglar think twice about attempting to break in. Statistics have shown homes with cameras are significantly less likely to suffer a burglary than those without.

Peace Of Mind

Wouldn't it be nice to see what happening at your home when you're away? Curious if you left your lights on? Park your car outdoors and worried about it when you're away? Want to make sure a package you left outdoors was picked up? An outdoor camera lets you check in on what's happening outside your home. This peace of mind is incredibly valuable... whether you're at work or away on vacation.

Never Been Easier To Add

In the past outdoor cameras were expensive and hard to install. They required hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront to purchase. They also needed an electrician to install. Well, that was then and this is now. It's never been easier to add outdoor cameras to your alarm system. With Think Protection's new outdoor cameras you can add one for under $200! Plus they are completely wireless. This means they can be installed anywhere. Installation takes minutes, not hours. Anyone can install them regardless of technical acumen.

Incredible Technology

With older cameras, the technology wasn't nearly as good as new ones. They would take days to install and the quality of video would be horrible. Now that's not the case. New cameras provide fantastic quality video and are easy to install. Think Protection's cameras are completely wireless. Image quality is incredible. Our cameras record is 1080p HD and works in both day and night modes. They are weatherproof and have long battery life. You'll get a better camera with new technology and you'll save hundreds of dollars.