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July 12, 2018
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4 Reasons To Not Get An Alarm System From A Cable Company

Throughout Canada and the US, cable companies are selling monitored alarm systems. It's tempting to bundle home security with your other cable services. It's easy. And the company says it will save you money? Sounds too good to be true, right? Never have a cable company secure your house! There are many reasons to not trust a cable company with protecting your home and family. Here are 4 reasons to avoid getting an alarm system from a cable company.

4 Reasons Infographic


Cable companies are notoriously expensive. With heavy overhead comes high prices. It doesn't matter the service. Cable companies are expensive. This transfers into security. Expect high prices with any cable company. Usually the monthly rates are between $35-$50/month. But that's just at the start. Cable companies raise prices. They usually do it once a year. And with home security, people on average stay with a company for 8-10 years. This means that you'll end up paying significantly more than what you originally agree to. So with cable companies, watch out with the monthly rates. You will be paying more.


Cable companies make customers sign contracts. These contracts usually are for three years. How often do customers read actual contracts? The answer is usually never. These contracts only benefit the company, never the customer. They lock you in. If you're unhappy during the contract, you'll have to pay out the remaining cash balance. That could be thousands of dollars! And as said earlier, they'll raise your rates while under contract! How does that benefit you? Avoid a contract at all costs.


Do you like dealing with your cable company? Try to call your cable company for any issue. You'll be on hold for half an hour. Long wait times and bad customer service is commonplace. Rarely is there any first call resolution of any customer issue. Nobody likes dealing with a cable company. Cable companies are just too big. With size comes lack of quality. There are too many staff members. Too many issues. There's no demanding of amazing quality service. With a company that just focuses on security, you will without a doubt get better service.


What do cable companies really do? They provide various services. Let's list some... cable TV, wireless phones, internet, home phones, office solutions. Most have other business beyond that. Some own TV, radio stations and magazines. Others own arenas and sports teams. On the list of all services and business opportunities, where does home security rank on their corporate totem pole? The answer is sadly at the bottom!

Cable companies view security as just another product to add to a bundle. They want you to add the service just to make it harder for you to cancel ALL services. Why would you trust a company that puts security as just another service? When you are a jack of all trades, you're a master of none.

A security company should focus on one thing - security. It should be their sole focus. You're trusting them to protect your home and family. It should be their only concern.