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July 5, 2019
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5 Questions to Ask a DIY Home Security System Company

There are a lot of DIY alarm companies out there. So, it's important to come up with a strategy to narrow down your top picks. You can do this by asking the same questions to each company then comparing answers to choose the home alarm system that's right for you. First, it's important to review the qualities to look for in a DIY alarm company.

Qualities of a reliable DIY home security system include:

  • Money-back guarantee. thinkpro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Remote access. You can check your home wherever you are.
  • No long-term contract. Stay because you like our services not because you signed a contract.
  • Reliable service. Even if your electricity and Internet go down, our alarm systems will not.

5 Questions to Ask DIY Home Alarm Companies

In addition to looking for the qualities above, you can ask targeted questions of each alarm company:

  • What are you getting with the alarm package?
  • What is the contractual term?
  • Is the mobile app free?
  • Do prices go up after the contractual term?
  • What other services do they offer?

What Are You Getting with the Alarm Package?

This question is all about the equipment that comes in your package. You can choose from different packages that have more or less equipment to meet your specific needs. The customer service professional can help you determine how many door and window sensors to add.

Indoor and outdoor cameras, including doorbell cameras, give you superior monitoring capability. You may end up paying a little bit extra for additional equipment. That's OK, with thinkpro you aren't locked into a contract, so you can try the equipment and make adjustments as needed.

What Is the Contractual Term?

Without a contract, alarm companies have to compete for your business on a continuous basis. When you sign a contract, the company has more power over your quality of service. Without a contract, you retain the ability to walk away at any time.

Is the Mobile App Free?

Most alarm systems provide free apps for users to check on the status of their home no matter where they roam. With the app, you can experience greater ease knowing that you can respond to alarms, check up on pets, and monitor the status of your account.

Do Prices Go Up After the Contractual Term?

An alarm company with a contract may lock in a monitoring price through the duration of the contract. Ensure that you get the same great deal once the contract expires. Ask about the contract terms and what happens when the contract ends. The good news is that you have companies, such as thinkpro, that require no contracts or hidden costs.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

Find out whether your alarm company offers additional equipment for a lower rate. Other perks may include the option to install wired or wireless indoor and outdoor cameras.

Additional services often come in the form of equipment, such as the following:

  • Doorbell, interior, and exterior cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensor
  • Smoke detection
  • Control keypad

With the proper research, you can choose the right alarm company for your family. At thinkpro, you receive top-quality equipment in low-cost packages, and the ability to check your home from your cell phone.

Are you ready for a monitored alarm system with no installation costs and no contract? Call us at 1-855-76-THINK or 1-855-76-84465 for more information about our services.