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May 24, 2017
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CJOB Winnipeg Interview between Adam Matlin and Shadoe Davis

Recently Think Protection CMO/COO Adam Matlin was interviewed by Shadoe Davis on CJOB Winnipeg. Adam talked about home security, gave some quick tips on protecting your home and family and talked about why there's no better time to get a home security system than right now.

Click above to hear the interview or read the transcript below.

Shadoe Davis: Do you have a wired alarm system? Well, you can't take it with you. Do you worry about leaving your home unattended? Do you have an alarm system that is up to specs? Do you have good enough locks on your doors? To offers some tips on how to deter would-be thieves from breaking into your home, here is Adam Matlin from Think Protection.

Adam, before we continue you need to sing your jingle…

Adam Matlin: How about instead of me singing… because my voice is so horrendous – why don’t you go for it?

Shadoe Davis: I'm trying to remember exactly how it goes behind the glass. I like your jingle… Adam Matlin is the co-founder, CMO/COO of Think Protection – thinkprotection.com. Thanks for coming in Adam. People are taking off for the long weekend clearly nobody wants their house broken into, it's such a violation right? So what can we do to better protect ourselves while we're not at home?

Adam Matlin: Great Question. There are few things that are worst than having your home broken into and it’s a horrible sense of violation and the damages could be tremendous. The easiest thing to do is don’t post that you are going out of town on social media. Often when we do go out of town we like to share it with the world, we like to show pictures on Facebook, on Instagram, literally everywhere and we are letting the world know that our house is unattended. That’s the first immediate thing to avoid. The second thing is making it seem like you are at home while you are away. So for example if you are away for a lengthy amount of time make sure that the mail doesn’t pile up outside your house. Have a neighbour go over and pick it up. If it is wintertime, in Winnipeg you get your fair share of snow… Don’t let the snow pile up outside your house. Have someone, like a neighbor, drive outside so that way you'll have tire marks. And make it seem there is constant traffic in and out your house in your driveway. Things like that really require minimum effort. Don’t let burglars know that you house is unattended. One other thing, obviously with my background, I drank the Kool-Aid, I know the effectiveness of an alarm system… and with that said you should 100% have an alarm system in your home. Houses with an alarm system are three times less likely to have a break-in than those without it. Between two houses which one are more likely to break into? Burglars don’t want to get caught.

Shadoe Davis: Are you amazed when you still hear that houses don't have alarm systems in this day and age with all the crime that's going on and all the break-ins?

Adam Matlin: I am… Alarm systems used to be incredibly expensive and unbelievably difficult to have set up. You would have someone coming to your house and it would take hours for them to set up and you have to take a day off work. It was a very difficult process and you would be paying significant amount of money and you will be tied to a contract. Now with alarm companies like our company it is $12.99/month and no contract. With that said the old arguments on why you wouldn’t have an alarm system don’t exist anymore. So I am really amazed when some people don’t have it when it’s very accessible and very affordable and really does work.

Shadoe Davis: What kind of different alarm systems are there? Do you have like window protection, door protection, how that works out? How does that break down?

Adam Matlin: What we do is look at your house and we say what is the least amount of equipment you need to protect your house? Certain companies would go “You need every window protected, every door protected”. Tons and tons of equipment and they are saying that Shadoe because they want to make a ton of money and you make a lot of money by selling a lot of products. What we do is say what is the proper amount we can put into the house to protect you more than adequately, just very effectively at the most cost-efficient price to the customer. So really the most efficient piece of equipment is the motion detector because unlike window contacts – if you put a window contact on your window and you cut the window – the contact doesn’t break because the contact only works when it separates and sends a signal to the base unit, which is connected to the Central Station. If I cut the window, the contact doesn’t separate. So in essence the burglar is now inside the house undetected. With a motion detector that works through infrared motion detection there is no way around it. It can easily detect anyone walking inside the house. So what we would do is talk to you about your house so we can figure out where to put motion detectors – not a huge amount because you don’t need every corner of your house protected. What happens when a burglar breaks into your house is they are not going to stand in one position. They will walk around. And the place they really want to go is the master bedroom because that is where all your good stuff is.  This is where your cash is, your jewelry, your checkbook so we figure out the path they would have to take to that master bedroom and configure the motion detectors there.

Shadoe Davis: Adam quickly because we're up against the clock here from the time I call you or get in touch with you at thinkprotection.com to the time I can have my alarms installed, how long would that be?

Adam Matlin: 3-5 Business days but if you need it the next day we can send it overnight. It's a good deal.

Shadoe Davis: Awesome. Adam thanks for taking the time to chat with us this morning and we will talk to you again.

Adam Matlin: Not a problem… My pleasure Shadoe – thanks for having me on.