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July 16, 2019
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ADT Settles Lawsuit With NorthStar For $3 Million

Beware of door to door salespeople! Sometimes they will say anything to get a sale, even if it means bending the truth. That's what ADT claims NorthStar Alarm Services did over the past 5 years.

The lawsuit claims that NorthStar Alarm Services used deceptive sales tactics over the past 5 years to 500 different customers. It is unknown how NorthStar misrepresented themselves and what misleading information they gave to the ADT customers.

Often with outbound sales representatives, lies are said to achieve sales. It is hard to monitor what is said, as there are no recordings of these calls and no check and balance system. That's why all alarm customers, new and old, need to make sure to avoid outbound salespeople.

Earlier this year ADT won a similar lawsuit against Aldar Security. In that suit, ADT was awarded $4 million in damages. The claim again was for mislead statements through deceptive sales practices.

Both Aldar Security and NorthStar Alarm Services are located in Utah.

When you choose an alarm provider, only contact companies that have inbound call centers. This is beneficial for all customers, as inbound calls are recorded. This means that in any circumstance the earlier calls are pulled and the information is heard. This guarantees better service from a company with a true check and balance quality control system.

You can read more about the ADT/NorthStar Alarm lawsuit here.