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A new article was posted in Security Systems News, focusing on AlarmForce bringing in their new CEO, Graham Badun. According to the article, Badun was hired as a result of an executive search and takes over from departing CEO, Anthony Pizzonia. Badun says how the focus of the company is now on growth.

It says how Anthony Pizzonia, former CEO has decided to step down from his position to spend more time with his family. All of us here at Think Protection wish Anthony Pizzonia all the best in his future endeavors.

The article also focuses on AlarmForce Founder and former CEO, Joel Matlin, who is CEO and President of our company, Think Protection. It then briefly mentions Think Protection and how we're launching in June.

It will be very interesting to see how AlarmForce, along with all other home alarm companies, are able to compete with Think Protection's high value, low-cost value proposition. Think Protection is committed to offering all of our customers the absolute best security at a superior price.

Keep posted to the Think Protection blog for more updates on how Think Protection will be revolutionizing home security!


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