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September 6, 2016
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AlarmForce Prices Have Risen Again

AlarmForce prices have risen again. After months of speculation, AlarmForce has stopped their $25/month monitoring rate. Now, AlarmForce packages start at $29.99/month.

AlarmForce has raised their monitoring rate almost $5/month. Over the course of a three-year contract that's $180 for their standard package!

AlarmForce has shifted their focus. AlarmForce is no longer a low-cost security provider. Instead, they are focused on charging customers high amounts per month for monitoring. The low price model has changed. Now AlarmForce charges $29.99 for their base package and the higher packages go up to $199/upfront and $54.99/month.

All packages come with a 2GIG touchscreen keypad. The keypad requires power to work. All AlarmForce systems also require an installer to set up the system. A large number of other home alarm companies offer the exact same system.

The AlarmForce $25/month price is no longer available.

Why is AlarmForce charging their customers more? The reason is that they are no longer growing at the same rate they used to. With less growth, AlarmForce must make more money off each new customer.

AlarmForce also requires customers to sign a 3-year contract.

AlarmForce is a home alarm company that operates throughout Canada and selected areas of the US. AlarmForce is listed on the TSX.

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