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June 18, 2018
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Amazon Alexa Records Couple Unknowingly

A scary story from Portland, Oregon. A couple that owned an Amazon Alexa, has contacted Amazon about the fact their Alexa unknowingly recorded a conversation between them and then sent the recording to a random person on the couples’ phone contact list.

The incredible story can be read here.

The couple was having a conversation. Their Amazon Alexa began recording what the couple was saying unprovoked. Alexa then sent the conversation to a contact on the couples phone contact list. The contact then reached out to the couple telling them “their Alexa was hacked”. In truth the Alexa wasn’t hacked, it was a glitch in the technology.

Think Protection advises not to have an Amazon Alexa in your home. Same goes for Google Home or other “listen in” devices. There is a security and privacy concern with the Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Dot. The technology is constantly listening. This means it has the potential to record. This is shown in this story. Moreover, if security devices are connected to your Amazon Alexa, they may contain the ability to be hacked or disarmed accidentally.

Alexa guesses what you are saying. This may lead to errors. The consequences of these errors are unknown.

As this story shows, all consumers that use these products should use extreme caution or think of “unplugging” their Alexa products.