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June 18, 2018
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Beware Of Door To Door Alarm Salespeople

The weather is nice which means it’s door knocking season. Every spring the door to door alarm salespeople come out in force. Companies like Vivint and Northstar Alarm go door to door trying to get people to become customers. What’s the problem with door to door alarm salespeople?

First, we need to ask, what’s the point of an alarm system? The answer is clear – to protect your home and family. Would you trust a door to door doctor? What about a door to door lawyer? Obviously, you wouldn’t. So why would you trust a door to door alarm salesperson?

Door to door alarm salespeople are seasonal staff. This means they have limited training. And they get paid commission based on sales. Is there someone recording what they tell you when they are at your home? No, unlike a call center, there are no recordings. That means they can say anything to get you to sign a contract. Once you sign up, you may not get all the promises that were given at your home. It doesn’t matter as you’re now stuck.

Never trust any door to door salesperson. You’ll end up paying thousands of dollars over a long-term contract. Only trust a company with an inbound call center. One that never will unprovoked reach out to you.

More and more municipalities are banning door to door salespeople. Ontario has banned multiple door to door sales offerings. You can read here what is legal to sell door to door and what isn’t.

So why do some alarm companies go door to door? They do it because they can pressure you into signing a contract. It’s hard to say no when you’re face to face with someone. They can make false promises. Read your facial cues.

With that said, Think Protection strongly advises you to never answer the door to a door to door salesperson. This way you will safeguard yourself. Plus, why would you ever answer the door to a stranger? We teach our kids not to open the door to a stranger at an early age. When we get older we forget. So why open to the door to a Vivint or Northstar Alarm salesperson? With that said, never open the door to a stranger – especially a door to door salesperson.