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May 23, 2019
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Can A Home With Pets Have An Alarm System?

You're a homeowner and have pets. You love your furry little pets, but can you protect your home and your pet with a monitored alarm system? Will your pet set the system off constantly with false alarms? You know the value of a monitored alarm system, but will having a dog or cat make it impossible to properly secure yourself with a new system?

Pet owners can get a monitored alarm system. It doesn’t matter if you have a 3-pound puppy or a 80 pound Great Dane, you can get a home security system. Have cats that love to climb and jump? No problem – you can still be protected with full 24/7 professional alarm monitoring.

The alarm system may have to have certain modifications to it. Motion detectors are a fantastic way to protect a home. There’s no way to bypass an active motion detector, which makes it an incredibly effective addition to any alarm system. How would they work in a pet owner’s home though?

Motion detectors work through passive infrared detection. They sense heat fluctuations. This is advantageous when looking at homes with small pets. The motion detector can distinguish between a small pet (under 30 pounds) and a human. This means that the pet can roam freely in homes, while the location is armed with a motion detector.

Pets that are larger than 30 pounds will set off the motion detector when active. This doesn’t mean though that these homes can’t use motion detectors for protection. But the solution is quite simple actually. Traditionally a motion detector is placed in a corner of the protected area. The motion detector then shoots the infrared signal outward and downward. With larger pets, instead of placing the motion detector in the corner shooting the infrared signal downward, we instead put it waist height and point it upward. This creates a “pet alley” – an area where the pet can move around freely without triggering the alarm system.

For some cats that jump and climb, we recommend not using a motion detector in the home. Instead other alarm peripherals can help add value in regard to protecting the location. Door contacts, window contacts and glass break detectors can create a great perimeter barrier. This way if a burglar tries to break in, they will trigger the alarm system. The cat can move around freely while your home is still adequately protected.

It doesn’t matter the size of your home, or the size of your pet, your home should be protected with a monitored alarm system. Home alarms work. Houses with alarm systems are three times less likely to have a break-in than those unprotected. A monitored alarm system will provide unparalleled peace of mind, protecting you and your pet with great security.