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Website Consumerist has named Comcast as the worst company in America. Congratulations Comcast!

We have a feeling that their poorly regarded customer service had something to do with this dubious distinction. Here's a link to an article focused on Comcast's history of poor customer service - http://bit.ly/1DRKwmH

Comcast's home security offering, Comcast Xfinity, on the website Consumer Reviews has received a customer rating of 1.1 out of 5 with over 500 ratings. You can read the reviews firsthand here - http://bit.ly/1Ec0UjX

Similar to other cable companies, the thought is that Comcast is more focused on running a call center than providing quality customer service. Often in extremely large companies, the importance of focusing on the customer's true needs gets lost in the corporate shuffle. Instead of having happy customers, large cable companies are too busy trying to sell additional services and locking customers into long contracts.

You can read the Consumerist article about Comcast and their dubious award here - http://bit.ly/1yDLjYa

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