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March 27, 2014
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CPI Security And Their offer

CPI Security is a home alarm company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. CPI installs residential and commercial alarm systems throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Washington DC. CPI Security is privately owned, and their CEO is Ken Gill.

CPI Security is a traditional home alarm company that markets directly to customers through radio/TV. Customers call the company up and receive a sales pitch over the phone. They then either have a salesperson come out to the house or an installer, who then installs the system. CPI installs predominantly wireless home alarm systems which have two-way voice capability. A system without two-way voice starts at $29.95/month, and one with two-way voice is $32.95/month. They also offer remote video surveillance, cellular alarm backup and remote door entry systems, all at additional costs (upfront and monthly).

CPI Security requires a three-year contract for all of their services.

CPI Security is a fair choice for a home alarm, offering good quality equipment and service. The two issues with CPI is the monthly cost and the alarm contract. While not as expensive as Vivint and ADT, CPI's monthly rates are still significantly higher than other alarm companies. These rates are forced to stay at high levels due to the cost of their overhead (location, staff, installers) and the rebound effect from customers already paying high monthly rates.

Beyond that, the 3-year contract is a red flag for any potential customer. Never lock yourself into any contract with any home alarm company, as this means you are stuck with them even if you are unhappy with the service and quality of product you are receiving. There is no onus on the company to continually strive for top-level service. The contract only benefits the alarm company. 3-year contracts are no longer standing in the alarm industry, and end up serving no benefit to alarm customers.

While CPI Security does offer decent alarm service, the monthly costs and the 3-year contract are both too detrimental to potential customers to overlook. Think protection and value when choosing an alarm system. And remember, when other companies are offering alarm monitoring at $10/month-$20/month, agreeing to a 3-year contract with a company that charges around three times that amount makes no sense.