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March 27, 2014
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Do I Need An Installer To Install My Home Alarm System?

Historically home security companies have been reliant on having an installer come to your home to set up your alarm system. With more and more alarm systems being wireless as opposed to hardwired, we have to ask why are installers still necessary?

While new alarm systems are wireless, alarm companies have older equipment out in the field. This requires these alarm installers to be on the road for service. While the new systems are wireless and easy to install, certain alarm companies try to convince the customer that the installer is needed. Why would you use them as opposed to a DIY alarm otherwise? It's another service they offer, whether there's true value or not.

The fact is with the vast majority of alarm systems available now, really anyone can do the installation. While in past extreme training and expertise in the alarm field was needed, now anyone could set up a simple alarm system. If anyone could do it though, why do you need to call ADT, Reliance/Protectron or Vivint? That's the problem these companies are now facing.

When we really dig deep, the only thing installers do is add overhead costs to the companies they are employed by. These companies then need to charge higher monitoring rates or upfront fees. It's a vicious cycle that only hurts these companies customers.

Any wireless system now can be installed by virtually any homeowner in a short amount of time. A large number can be done without any drilling!

When choosing a home alarm system, looking for a company that doesn't use an installer. This will equal overall better value and savings for the customer. All service can now be done through the mail, where the process is just as effective as with an installer and the customer will end up saving hundreds of dollars in the process.

Think protection when choosing an alarm system, and understand that sometimes nontraditional companies provide the best value, especially those that don't employee home security installers.