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January 25, 2014
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Do Online Home Security Company Reviews Matter?

Now a day you can get someone’s opinion on just about anything when looking online. Some things that you would have never thought in a million years people even cared about enough to comment on. This is why social media is becoming more and more popular and companies are becoming much more aware of what is being said about their companies. So when you ask the question do online reviews matter? 10 years ago I would have said they have little to no impact and word of mouth is much more important. Today is a different story; they matter more now than they have ever mattered before when buying anything.

In today’s society companies have been put out of business through online reviews being negative. A lot of people take online reviews to heart and won’t waste their time investing in a company if they have a terrible rating. Online reviews can extend across all business segments. Customer service, marketing, sales, technical and the list can go on and on. Companies are spending big bucks to put together social media campaigns to interact with the online consumer.

In the world of home security systems, online reviews are becoming much more relevant when purchasing a system. Take a company like Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, AlarmForce, ADT, Protect America and Vivint, all these customers have one thing in common, BAD ONLINE REVIEWS. The reviews for these companies range from way to expensive for monthly monitoring or terrible customer service and out of date equipment, this list can go on. One or two people does not post these reviews, there are thousands of people that have taken the time to provide feedback so consumers that are shopping around for that perfect home security system won’t make the same mistake they did. As a consumer I love the fact that so many people take the time to comment on their experience because at the end of the day the real truth isn’t going to come from the companies it is going to come from the everyday people.

Don’t let all that fancy marketing sway you from what real people like yourselves are experiencing from companies like Rogers, AlarmForce, ADT and Vivint. There is a lot of truth to it, be smart read those online reviews. Do you really want to buy a home security system that has terrible reviews? The answer is NO.

The best thing that I love about online reviews is that money doesn’t make them go away or change the opinion of someone’s experience. For the companies out there social media is here to stay and is becoming more prevalent to the sales segment of the business. Remember to treat your customers with the utmost respect and that they always come first, because one unhappy customers turns into hundreds which turns into your businesses going out of business.

Before reading this if you thought online reviews were not that important, I hope this blurb shed some light on this for you. Next time you purchase something don’t be shy let us all know about it and tell us how it is. Think Protection when you're writing the review and let others know how the services and products stack up with the rest of the pack.