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October 6, 2022
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Sean Bredt

Will a Wireless Security Camera System Work During Power Outages?

Whether you’ve already installed a wireless security camera system or you’re still contemplating on getting one, it’s understandable that you’d want to make sure you remain protected during power outages—which is when you’d likely need it the most.

Security systems usually need little power to run, so if what you have at your home or place of business connects to the internet to allow remote viewing, then your internet connection might need a power source as well.

If this is the case, will a wireless security camera system continue to work during power outages? 

The short and reassuring answer is yes. Read on to discover how this is possible.

How a Wireless Security Camera System Works

Traditional security systems rely on a continuous electrical power supply to function. Luckily, advances in technology now allow 24/7/365 monitoring, even without electricity, and yes, even without generators.

It’s brilliant, yet very simple. A wireless security camera system can use:

  • Battery power for uninterrupted recording; and
  • And cellular data for remote viewing.

Battery-Powered Units

Battery-powered cameras are not dependent on the main power supply, and are therefore not affected by power outages. These security systems can either have internal rechargeable batteries, are solar-powered, or both. 

Unlike wired security cameras, battery-powered units are less exposed to voltage fluctuations that can either interfere with surveillance or damage your precious camera. Most battery-operated units can also be charged using portable power banks, so you can definitely go wireless, even when charging!

You might be asking, how often will one need to recharge the batteries? Well, the good news is, battery-operated cameras are meant to be fuss-free. With batteries that can store enough energy to last a couple of weeks to several months, it is ideal for DIYer homeowners who want to have full control over camera placement and 24/7 surveillance without sweating on the installation and maintenance.

System Backup With Cellular Data Plans

Connecting your unit to cellular data allows your wireless security camera system to continue transmitting footage even without power. These cellular security systems connect to cellular networks in case of power outages. So even when your internet connection gets interrupted or cut by intruders, you can continue to check on your property anytime, and from anywhere.

If you’re wondering about the extra expenses, fret not. With thinkpro, you can get cellular backup for as low as $1.12 per day. That might even be cheaper than your monthly mobile plan. With that kind of round-the-clock protection, you get peace of mind that is worth every penny.

What Homeowners Might Need Non-Stop Protection For

Upgrading or buying a new home? An easy-to-use wireless security camera system provides not only protection for your house but also enables you to:

  • Watch over children and pets while away;
  • Monitor health of elderly or family members who need special care;
  • Safeguard valuables;
  • See and prepare against suspicious behaviour; and
  • Screen visitors. 

Wireless security camera systems can also be integrated with alarm and disaster monitoring systems to provide 360-degree protection of your assets.

Now that’s what we call a sound investment!

What Business Owners Might Need Non-Stop Protection For

Can entrepreneurs depend on a wireless security camera system for small businesses? Of course! In fact, it is the perfect way to protect your budding empire. For example, a hidden wireless security camera system can:

  • Monitor against theft and other misdemeanours;
  • Track ingress and egress;
  • Ensure quality control;
  • Reduce insurance premiums;
  • Prevent vandalism and other damage to property; and 
  • Add an extra layer of security inside and around your offices, showrooms, and warehouses.

And if your business happens to have multiple locations, you won’t have to be on-site to monitoring operations. You can watch from any branch, from home on weekends, or from a remote island while you’re enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

Security Camera Systems that Won’t Leave You in the Dark

If you’re searching online for a reliable wireless security camera system, you can count on Think Protection’s security systems to combine best value with functionality. Feel confident to give it a try with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. And if you’re happy, you can pay zero-interest monthly installments, payable for up to two years. Sounds good?

Leave a message or give us a call at (855) 76-THINK to learn more about our customizable packages. Tell us what you need, and our “thinkpros” will recommend a plan that fits your needs without leaving you in the dark.