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November 4, 2016
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What Are 3 Fall Home Security Tips?

It's Fall. The leaves are changing color and the weather's getting colder. Kids are busy with school and the holidays are quickly approaching. Fall is associated with great things, but it's important to not let your guard down during this time of year in regards to protecting your home and family.

Here are 3 fall home security tips:

Rake Your Leaves!

Leaves fall from trees during fall. While this is a pretty visual, it could affect your level of security. Make sure fallen leaves aren't covering your home alarm lawn signs. Also, make sure fallen leaves aren't creating areas a burglar can hide behind. A clean, open lawn, makes it harder for burglars to hide. Plus a clean lawn will make your alarm lawn sign stand out. And a lawn sign and window decals are incredible deterrents as they show your home as an alarm system!

Don't Talk To Strangers!

Fall is a busy time for the door to door salespeople. It could be energy companies trying to get you to buy their heaters/furnaces or oil salespeople. Remember, just because someone is wearing a uniform doesn't mean they should be trusted. Never trust a door to door salesperson. Too often these are illegitimate salespeople, who will do anything to get a sale. There is no check and balance system with door to door salespeople. Protect yourself and be vigilant. We strongly advise that when someone comes to your door to sell you something, do not even open your door to them. Remember they are a stranger. Be secure and err on the side of caution.

Keep Your Doors Locked

Fall is a great time of year weather-wise. During fall lots of families spend time outside. It could be throwing the football around or going on a bike ride. Whatever you're doing outside if you are not home make sure your doors are locked. A locked door is the best way to prevent someone from entering your home. And when away always have your home alarm activated. These two things will instantly improve your level of protection.