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Grand Alarms is a home company based in Toronto, Ontario that services the Southern Ontario area. This Toronto home alarm company has been in business for over 10 years. Grand Alarms offers a traditional home alarm offering, installed by their company with prices around $28+/month.

The Grand Alarms system is professionally monitored with home automation capabilities available for an increased fee.

Grand Alarms requires a contract to be signed with all of their systems.

Grand Alarms has partnered in the past with new construction, where they will pre-wire an alarm system into the home. These systems are labor intensive and if there are any problems require an installer to come to the home to fix.

The Grand Alarm system is high quality, but expensive. The traditional model of having an installer and a hardwire installation adds layers upon layers of expense which is then passed down to the customer. Beyond that, Grand Alarms requires a multi-year contract.

At the end of the day, the Grand Alarms product and service model is equal to many other alarm companies. The price is around $30/month, they have a multi-year contract and they require an installer to do the installation and service. Taking that into account, the customer has to ask themselves why to choose Grand Alarms over other home alarm companies.

When choosing a home alarm company, customer's should Think Protection and find the best value for their money!



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