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Which Home Alarm Company Do You Choose ?

With over 14 million people, Ontario is Canada's highest populated province. There are a large number of home alarm companies that service Ontario. Some companies are based in the province, others are based elsewhere. With so many security options, which alarm company should you trust to protect your home and family?

Ontario has multiple large cities. Toronto is the largest with a population of approximately 5 million people. Toronto, the capital of Ontario, has various suburbs. Some of note are Mississauga, Scarborough, Markham, Vaughan and Richmond Hill. Each of these suburbs have large populations unto themselves. When you total all surrounding areas populations, the Greater Toronto area has over 7 million people.

Ottawa, Canada's capital, is the second largest city in Toronto. Some other cities in Ontario with large populations are Hamilton, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor, St. Catherines, Kingston and Niagara Falls. Like all large cities, there is a certain level of crime in each of the places above.

The truth is that all homes located in any decently sized city should have an alarm system. Even homes in rural areas should have an alarm system. A home alarm system is a fantastic way to prevent a burglary. Homes with alarm systems are three times less likely to have a break-in than those without. Home alarm systems do two things - deter and detect burglars. But not all alarm systems are equal. They differ in regards to technology, price and service.

Some home alarm companies based in Ontario are Think Protection, API Security and Grand Alarms. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring and Bell Smart Home Security (formerly AlarmForce) are also located in Ontario. All of these companies service various areas in Ontario. There are numerous other home security companies as well.

Some other alarm companies that service Ontario but aren't based there are ADT and Vivint. These two companies have their head offices in the US. ADT is based in Florida and Vivint is based in Utah. ADT though is the largest Canadian home alarm company. Both are very successful companies, with Vivint having over 1 million customers and ADT having over 8 million customers globally.

The value proposition of each of the companies above differs dramatically. Most require you to sign a long term contract when agreeing to their services. The only one that doesn't require a contract is Think Protection. Each company also charge between $15/month (Think Protection) and $60/month on the high end (Vivint) for professional monitoring. Some include their mobile app for free (Think Protection). Others will charge a premium for it. Most ontario home alarm companies, will have a home automation option. They will also have the ability to add security cameras at an additional charge.

As an area, Ontario is geographically quite large. The province is over 1,000,000 square kilometers. The vast majority of the population is towards the southern part of the province. The northern part of Ontario has a minimal population. Geographic conditions is important to note when dealing with an alarm company that requires an installer. Make sure the alarm company has an installer in your region. The only time this doesn't matter is if the company is a DIY alarm provider. This means that all service is done over the phone. With enhanced technology and the ease of installation, installers have become unnecessary.

Regardless of where you are, when choosing an alarm company make sure you ask the right questions. If a contract is attached to the alarm service, make sure you read it before committing to anything. Understand the service requirements and the true price of the monitoring. If the system doesn't come with professional monitoring, don't purchase it. Only monitored alarm systems provide true security. Get a wireless alarm system, not a hardwired one. Hardwired alarm systems require a longer, more expensive installation. Wireless alarm systems can do everything a hardwired alarm can do.

Regardless of where you're located in Ontario, get a home alarm system. Home alarms work. They will provide you with an enhanced level of security. So whether you're in London Ontario, or Ottawa Ontario, all homes should be protected with a monitored alarm system.