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You have a Protect America alarm system but want to cancel services. Maybe you are unhappy with their monthly price. Maybe you are out of contract and want a different provider. Whatever the reason, there are steps you can take to cancel your service. Here are the steps to cancel your Protect America alarm system monitoring.

First, find the contract that was provided by Protect America. Protect America requires a three-year commitment for their services. It's important to know if you are still under contract with Protect America when you are cancelling service. If you are still under contract, you may have to pay out the remainder of your contractual term. You can still cancel your service though. If you cannot find the contract, then no problem, you can still go ahead with step 2.

Next, call Protect America to tell them to cancel your service. The phone number for Protect America is 1-800-951-5190. Go through Protect America's phone tree and press whatever number that will lead you to their Customer Service Department. Protect America will ask you for your customer information. Then notify them of your intention to cancel.

Protect America requires a 30-day notice of cancellation. There is also an online form that may be required to be filled out on cancellation. Protect America Customer Service will tell you the appropriate steps.

Protect America will offer you increased value to try to get you not to cancel your service. It's important that you remember what triggered you to call them to cancel. Don't be swayed by these new savings. Why didn't they offer you these in the first place? Stay focused and continue forward with cancelling.

Protect America may ask for the equipment back upon cancellation. If that is the case, simply take down the equipment, box it and send back accordingly.

Next, make sure after cancellation of services with Protect America that you have a new home alarm provider for your residence. It's important that you continue to have protection. Because there are no shortage of other alarm providers, find one that has no contract and low monthly monitoring prices. We recommend Think Protection - you'll find that the value, service and savings cannot be beaten by any other alarm company.

You can read the steps to cancelling your Protect America alarm system here on the Protect America blog.

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