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Secure Your Car with An Outdoor Camera

Do you park your car overnight on your driveway or on the street? If you don’t have access to a garage or your garage functions as your storage area for everything except your car, parking outside is understandable. While convenient, this leaves your car vulnerable to break-ins. How can you park outside at night and keep your car secure?

4 Ways to Protect Your Car from Thieves

With a few good habits, a good measure of common sense, and outdoor video surveillance from an alarm company, you can keep your wheels safe and secure.

  1. Take away the cover of darkness. Make sure that you park your car somewhere well lit. Bright lights act as a strong burglar deterrent. A criminal thinking about breaking into your car, will think twice if the area is brightly lit as this increases the odds of them being caught. If you park on your driveway, add strong sconce lights or a flood light to ensure your car is in clear view rather than in the shadows of darkness.

Here is some information from Toronto Police to help protect your car and valuables. You can read their list here. These simple steps, along with the tips above, will greatly increase the safety of your car when parked outside overnight. They will also lower the chances that your car is targeted in a burglary.

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