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July 2, 2019
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3 Steps to Cancel your LifeShield (Now Telus) Account

Having a home alarm system can protect your family and belongings. Like many other industries, home security is prone to acquisitions. If you originally purchased a LifeShield home alarm system, you may have received notifications that the business changed hands twice in the past few years. In 2020, LifeShield was purchased by ADT which was in turn purchased by Telus.

If the various ownership changes impacted the level of service or price you pay, you may wish to cancel your LifeShield alarm system. If you no longer want to utilize LifeShield, it’s relatively easy to cancel services, provided you are no longer under contract with the company.

Are You Under a Contract?

LifeShield, ADT, and Telus have very different terms of usage. So, it's no wonder if you’re unsure whether you have a current contract in place with Telus, the current owner of LifeShield and ADT accounts. LifeShield adopted a month-by-month policy for its services and Telus also has month-to-month service options. However, ADT required three-year contracts from customers.

In a nutshell, you own the equipment you purchased under LifeShield and there's no annual contract to worry about. Therefore, you won't have any penalties or obligation to stay with the company.

If you signed up for an ADT package while they owned the company, you may be subject to a three-year contract. If you have a contract, read the fine print to determine the best way to get out of it.

Three Steps to Cancel your LifeShield (Now Telus) Account

Follow these steps to cancel the account opened with LifeShield:

  1. Call LifeShield (Telus). Call 1-855-255-8828 to cancel your LifeShield security system. A Telus representative will answer the phone. With Telus, cancelling your alarm monitoring is difficult. Expect to wait on hold for long periods. Plus, ADT had three-year contracts. So, if you have a contract, they won’t let you cancel it. If you kept your LifeShield no-contract status, you can cancel it anytime.
  2. Tell the rep the reason you’re cancelling the service. Tell the LifeShield (Telus) rep that you want to cancel your service. They’ll ask why you want to leave and will probably offer discounts or additional equipment to keep your business. Remember why you decided to cancel and remain firm in your request.
  3. Ignore retention offers. Companies often give new offers to customers who call to cancel services. LifeShield (Telus) wants to retain your business, so they may sweeten the deal with discounts and perks. So, remember why you’re unhappy and confirm the cancellation to finish the process.

Do You Have to Send Back the Equipment?

You don’t need to send anything back to LifeShield, but your equipment won’t work with your new provider’s system either.

Now that you’re done cancelling your LifeShield alarm system, you should find a new company, such as thinkpro, to protect your home and family.

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