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June 4, 2019
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The Purpose of Trail Cameras for Security

When you are planning your home security, the first thing that comes to mind is a security camera system to detect and record burglars. You can find a wide range of security cameras in the market, but do these cameras really do justice when a thief attempts to break into your home or business property?

It is a fact that many visible cameras may fail to provide optimal protection because an intruder sees the camera and the infrared flash. In this case, he would either spray paint on the camera lens or place a cloth on it or simply break it. Instead, the idea of using a hidden trail cam for the security of your home may prove to be a better option to detect and prevent the entry of intruders and burglars into your property.

Now you might be wondering what trail cameras are and how to use them for home security. Read on to know the answer and improve your home security measures.

What is a Trail Cam?

The cameras which hunters use for watching wildlife activity in particular are called trail or game camera. These cams have a camouflaged effect which seamlessly blends them with the surroundings they are placed in.

Game or trail cameras are undoubtedly ideal for watching the game activity in a jungle or forest, but they can also be used for home security purposes.

Want to know how to use and hide a trail cam for your indoor and outdoor home security? Keep on reading to know how!

Trail cameras are available in different configurations which offer an affordable solution for security monitoring inside and outside your property. Choosing the right camera depends on your security requirements and where you want to place it.

Factors to Consider When Installing a Trail Cam for your Home Security

There are certain factors to consider when you install a trail cam at your home. These factors determine the effectiveness of these trail cams.

·         Ideal trail cam placement: This is a crucial factor to consider when installing a trail cam for home security. Trail cams have a feature that allows them to capture images from different angles. This characteristic makes it easy to place them out of sight, so burglars and invaders can’t see them. However, you still need to place them within range. Irrespective of the place where you install it, ensure that you strategically choose the position that hides the trail camera. If you are using a wireless trail cam, it becomes much easier to hide.

·         Trail camera range: Along with the placement, you also need to take the range of your trail camera into consideration. Check out the camera specifications to get information about the detection range. Another way is to check the range of its motion sensors, practically after installation. Most of the trail cams on the market have a detection range of 40 feet, but some even go further than this.

·         Selection of technology: Nowadays, trail cams come with a variety of technologically-advanced features. You need to choose the one which fits your needs. If you are a phone geek, choose the one with cellular connectivity. Those are cameras that directly send images on your phone for instant viewing. If you want the trail cam to save the pictures to view later, get a cam with a sd card which offers space to save images. Trail cams with camouflaged exteriors also help hide the camera conveniently.

8 Fabulous Tips to Effectively Hide the Trail Camera Indoor and Outdoor for Your Home Security

Tip #1: Purchase a Small-sized Wireless Trail Cam

The smaller the size of the trail cam, the easier it is to hide it inside or outside your home. The absence of wires makes it even more convenient and you can place it anywhere you want without any trouble. The ideal wireless trail cam model is one that is powered by a mini battery or batteries.

As these cams are portable, you can freely hide them in front of your garage, door, driveway, garden, entrance, etc. However, a small battery-powered trail cam with high resolution, night sensor, Wi-Fi, app operation, etc. is a great choice so that you could exercise maximum control.

Tip # 2: Place the Trail Security Cameras under your Ceilings/Eaves

If you place the trail security camera under the ceilings or eaves, the cam becomes virtually invisible, especially the camouflaged one. Smaller-sized cameras are easier to hide and no one notices them from a distance unless someone really pays close attention.

You can also color the trail cam so that it matches the paint color of your ceiling, which makes it much less conspicuous.

Tip# 3: Hide Your Security Trail Cam Inside the Trees and Bushes

If you have tall trees and bushes outside your house, it is the best place to hide your security trail cam. Hide the camera inside the bushes or a tall tree which is invisible to the eyes, but its lens should be toward your house.

Many trail cams come with a camouflaged exterior which makes it easier to hide them inside bushes or trees. Moreover, choose shady or covered parts to hide your trail cam, so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight during the day to prevent glares on the cam lens.

Tip#4: Disguise the Trail Cam as a Bird House

Birdhouses are commonly found outside homes. If you disguise your trail cam by placing it in a coop, it won't get attention from intruders or invaders. You can create an enclosed style birdhouse with a little opening in the front which enables the camera lens to capture images and videos.

It offers a high level of security from invaders and burglars. Wire-free trail cams are a perfect fit for this type of disguise than other trail cameras.

Tip# 5: Place the Trail Cam Inside Your Home Near the Window Pane

If you have a trail cam with a flashlight feature and you want to scare away potential burglars or intruders, use it to your advantage.

You can install the trail camera at the window pane near your home’s entry point. Even if burglars spot the camera, it becomes hard for them to disable it because of the height.

Tip #6 Hide the Trail Cameras Inside Household Objects

Are you not into DIY projects and want to find a convenient way to hide the trail cam in the objects or items that are already available? Use everyday household objects to hide the trail cam for your home security inside or outside the house such as smoke detectors, tissue boxes, bookshelves, stuffed toys, fake rocks, hanging portraits, etc.

However, if you adopt this trick, hide multiple cameras at different places inside and outside your home.

Tip #7: Install a Trail Cam Near the Ground and Hide it with Decorative Items

Install a trail cam near the ground and surprise intruders or potential burglars because no one would think that you would place the security home camera near the ground or on the ground.

The trail cam can be placed on the ground with the lens focused in an upward direction. This is an effective way to detect intruders on your property. You can hide it from intruders with some decorative bushes or other decorative stuff, effectively and efficiently.

Tip #8: Place it Like a Light Post

Placing your trail cam like a light post or on the light post is an effective way to keep intruders at bay. It serves as a warning sign for potential invaders or burglars. When invaders see it, they are not likely to invade your property.

If you want to keep it a secret, you can install the trail cam near the front porch or garage lights. Just ensure that light should not fall directly on the camera lens to prevent glare.

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Trail Cam for Home Security

Here are some useful tips to make it easy for you to find the good quality trail cam for your house:

Trail Cam Detection Range

Trail cams come with different detection ranges. In case your property is big and wide, choose a trail cam for home security that has a wide detection range. This allows it to take clearer images.

Picture Quality

Usually, you get high-resolution images with wireless trail cams than traditional CCTV security cameras that produce grainy photos. Even if you have an inexpensive trail cam, it provides far better pictures and videos than regular CCTV security cameras.

Trail cams with an 8 MP resolution are usually enough to give you good-quality images for home security purposes.


The security camera's ability to accomplish its objective can be impacted by the trigger time. Hence, choose a trail cam that instantly triggers detecting motion and records clear images even if the intruder or burglar is running. Generally, it is recommended to choose a trail cam with less than a second trigger speed for effective home security.

Connection Strength

When you are using a wireless, Wi-Fi connected camera, you need to install the camera within the Wi-Fi signal range. Otherwise, you won't be able to get the pictures on your devices. Additionally, if you placed a trail camera using cellular connectivity, be sure it has enough connection signals to relay clear footage.

Trail Cam’s Battery Life

In some trail cams, the battery charge has a direct impact on the signals or connection strength of the cam. Trail cams that use more battery during the camera search end up with shorter running time and poor connection. Thus, look for a trail security cam that has a longer battery lifespan and power-saving mode with good connection strength even at low battery levels.

You can set up the trail cam for home security at the right spots to prolong the battery life and get better signals. If you have installed the trail cam somewhere near your house, you can connect it to the nearest power source, so it keeps on getting ample power backup.

Bottom Line

Trail cams can prove to be handy home security systems if strategically placed and optimally utilized. You can disguise and efficiently hide trail cams for security, inside and outside your home at a variety of places without any problem.

You should look for trail cams for security with good range, battery lifespan, connection strength, picture quality, and speed. With these qualities, trail cams prove to be even better than traditional home security camera systems.