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Ackerman Security, a very successful home security company that operates throughout the greater Atlanta and Washington regions, was acquired by Canadian Private Equity firm Imperial Capital. Ackerman Security specializes in taking over the monitoring of existing home alarm systems by offering a $20/month service. They have been very successful with this model and continue to grow at a solid pace.

Ackerman Security employs an outbound sales team, that comes to your home to assess your security needs. They also have a five diamond central station, which monitors all of their accounts.

Ackerman requires a 1-year contract for service.

This is Imperial Capitals first venture into the home security space, however, they say they will continue to monitor the industry and potentially be involved in other opportunities.

You can read all about the Ackerman Security purchase here in an article in Security Systems News: http://bit.ly/1CeNMHM

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