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December 2, 2015
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What Is ThinkFlash?

Imagine if you were a burglar and you decided to break into a home with a home alarm system. The burglar hears a siren but continues to run through the house. But then imagine the lights inside the home start to flash. The burglar looks around. What's going on??? He then darts outside only to see the lights outside the house flashing!

This is what happens with Think Protection's new ThinkFlash feature.

With ThinkFlash, any z-wave lights in or outside the home will flash when your Think Protection home alarm is triggered. This is an incredible deterrent, as a burglar doesn't want to be noticed and ThinkFlash only attention to them and the event in your home. Plus with any burglary the unexpected is fantastic, and the last thing a burglar is expecting is the lights to start flashing inside and outside the house.

First responders love ThinkFlash because the flashing lights let them know which house is having the emergency, which helps them respond faster! This is incredibly beneficial as with any emergency situation every second matter!

ThinkFlash does not require a strobe light to be installed anywhere but instead uses the z-wave lights inside your home. With actual z-wave lightbulbs or a Z-wave switch, we can turn any pot lights or lights in your home into ones that can be controlled through ThinkFlash.

Plus any lights outside the house can be used with ThinkFlash when replaced with z-wave bulbs. You can either get these z-wave bulbs and switches from Think Protection or we can use z-wave devices you purchase elsewhere.

ThinkFlash comes standard in all of Think Protection's home automation systems, which can be added to your Think Protection home alarm for only $49.99/upfront and then just $1.99/month (plus the upfront cost of each z-wave lightbulb or switch).

ThinkFlash is truly one of a kind and will provide an increased level of protection to your home and family. Get ThinkFlash added to your Think Protection home alarm system today!