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November 1, 2016
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Ring.com is a video surveillance system. It is sold throughout North America in stores and online. The company bills itself as full video solution. They also claim Ring.com is a replacement for a home alarm system.

Is Ring.com a home alarm system?

The answer is no. To truly understand why Ring.com cannot replace a home alarm system, we need to discuss what the system is.

Ring.com is a unit that is placed by the front door of a home. This unit has a doorbell and a camera. When someone approaches the front door, Ring.com sends images to the user of the person who is there. When they press the doorbell it triggers a two-way voice call to the user.

Ring.com also sells their "Ring of Security" stick up cameras. These cameras can be placed around the home. Both products operate with batteries and are self-installed.

The problem with Ring.com is multi-fold.

First Ring.com has a battery which has a limited life. The battery has to be charged every few months. Battery life is affected by extreme temperature. If the customer forgets to charge the battery, then the system will stop working. This provides a false sense of security. A limited battery life puts too much responsibility on the homeowner to make sure the system is fully charged.

A monitored home alarm system plugs into power and will work ongoing. Plus most home alarm systems come with backup batteries, giving the homeowner additional peace of mind. If the power in the home goes out the system will continue to work. If the Ring.com battery dies, which it will after a few months without being recharged, the system is dead.

Ring.com is also a self-monitored solution. This means the customer needs to respond to any situation. This is false security again. Here's an example: the customer is at work and can't look at their cell phone. Someone approaches the owners' front door. The Ring.com system sends a notification to the customer. The customer can't access their cell phone. The person then enters the customers home without the customer knowing. The customer is in the dark until hours later when they can finally access their cell phone. The system is reactive, not proactive.

In contrast, a monitored alarm system will notify authorities if someone enters the home, regardless of the homeowner checking their cell phone. Someone enters a house with a monitored alarm system, the system will detect them and contact a central station. A trained professional can then assess the situation. If necessary they can then contact the authorities. This is real 24/7 security. Only a monitored alarm system provides full peace of mind.

Ring.com also is flawed as once you charge the battery you have to update the settings of the system. It has to be mated with your door chime again, and all app settings need to be updated. If not updated then the system won't work in its full capacity.

A monitored home alarm system is not only the best deterrent to break-ins but the ultimate level of peace of mind for a homeowner. Whether you are home or away, only a monitored home alarm system provides peace of mind. You are protected by professionals and the onus isn't on the homeowner in an emergency situation.

Ring.com is not a home security system. It is an accessory. It is a nice additional piece of security, but should never be the sole focus in a home security solution. Ring.com is no different than a motion detector or a door contact. On its own it is flawed. But when it's a part of a larger home security solution it can be a great add-on.