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December 22, 2017
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Holiday Safety Tips by Adam Matlin

Today our CMO/COO Adam Matlin was interviewed by Brett Megarry on CJOB Winnipeg. Adam gave some great holiday safety tips.

Click this link to hear the interview or read the transcript below.

Brett Megarry: Are you going away for the holidays? Or maybe you are staying in town but you have plans to attend a holiday dinner with friends or family, something you may not have thought too much is home security – sure you will be locking your door but your home could still be a target for thieves. To give us tips on how to keep your home safe we are joined by Adam Matlin co-founder of Think Protection. He is the co-founder, CMO, and COO of Think Protection. Adam thanks very much for joining us today on 680 CJOB.

Adam Matlin: My pleasure – thanks for having me on here.

Brett Megarry: Where are you joining us from today?

Adam Matlin: I am in cold and snowy Toronto which is pretty cold and snowy but not as cold as snowy as Winnipeg.

Brett Megarry: How cold is there?

Adam Matlin: It is -6º today and we got hit by a snowstorm but I am not complaining.

Brett Megarry: Winter is winter. Adam this is an obvious question but I am going to pose it anyway. Are thieves busier around this time of the year?

Adam Matlin: For sure. They know inside your house there are valuables and they know odds are that at certain times you are not going to be home. So it's a very interesting time for burglars and you need to make sure you are secure and safe.

Brett Megarry: So what should I do?

Adam Matlin: First off when you are home you need to lock your front door which you'd be surprised a lot of people don't do. You need also to have a home security system. Obviously, you'd imagine someone like me saying that but facts prove that houses with a home alarm are less likely to have a break-in than those without. Actually, houses with a home alarm are three times less likely to have break-ins. Insurance companies give a reduction in their premium to houses with a home alarm because they work. Lock your door and get a home alarm. Now if you are not home than there are definitely other steps you need to take to prevent a burglary beyond those two who obviously should be done if you're home or you are away. If you are not at home make it seem you are at home. If you are out of town for an extended period of time - make it seem you are at home. Make sure your mail doesn't pile up outside your house, that way burglars know you are not at home and suddenly you are ripe for the picking. If there is a snowstorm have a neighbor drive in your driveway - that way there are tire marks. Again the perception you are home even when you are not. Outdoor lights and indoor lights - put them on timers that way during the night time your lights are on. The perception you are home is very important - if someone is choosing between two houses to target - you want them to think that there is a worry that they might get caught.

Brett Megarry: I am just imagining the Wet Bandits casing the joint to see if anybody is there as in "Home Alone" or what have you. As far as what you folks do at Think Protection and the security systems you offer– the technology has changed and has become much easier to install a system and with mobile, you can check your home security from wherever you are. Is this the kind of thing you offer at Think Protection?

Adam Matlin: For sure. We have security solutions. Some are very simple and easy to install security systems solutions that start at $200 and then you are paying $12.99 per month for monitoring - where you own the system and you are secure either you are home or away. Comes with a mobile phone app – this way if you in the beautiful beaches of Southern Florida you will know still through your phone that your alarm system is turned on and it is working. Then we have a step up where again you have $12.99 per month monitoring, again no contract, where you can add outdoor cameras again giving you piece of mind when you are on that beautiful beach down in Florida where we all wish we were at, you can just take a look at your smartphone and just look at what is going on outside your house and also proactively get notifications from both your home alarm and camera if something happens. Again remember all these alarm systems we sell are monitored alarm systems and you have the piece of mind of knowing that when you in the ocean down there we are able to dispatch the authorities if necessary. Technology has become so far in such a short period of time that you can get a home alarm that in the past would have been thousands of dollars and would cost $50 per month – we are now able to give it to you at such as a fantastic price for incredible technology.

Brett Megarry: Adam - thank you very much for joining us today at 680 CJOB

Adam Matlin: My pleasure and happy holidays.