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July 24, 2018
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My Alarm Center

My Alarm Center is an American home alarm company, headquartered in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. My Alarm Center has other offices located in Atlanta, Seattle and multiple cities in Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio). My Alarm Center is comprised of multiple brands, all of which are associated with security. As of 2018, My Alarm Center had over 180,000 subscribers.

My Alarm Center is comprised of various brands. The first brand iss My Alarm Center. This is a traditional installer based home alarm company. The second brand is Alarm Service Monitoring of Atlanta. This company is an alarm monitored provider, which acts as the professional monitoring station for My Alarm Center's subscribers. Hawk Security Services is a full service alarm company that was acquired by My Alarm Center. ACS Security is a Los Angeles based security company that was also acquired by My Alarm Center. The last company under the My Alarm Center umbrella is LivSecure, a DIY home alarm company.

My Alarm Center has had successful growth through effective marketing. My Alarm Center is regarded as an alternative to larger home alarm companies like Vivint and ADT. They have found their niche and have found significant success.

My Alarm Center and LivSecure currently only offer service in the US.

My Alarm Center prices for a monitored home alarm system range from $34.99/month to $54.99/month depending on which services are added. Customers are required to sign a multi-year contract. My Alarm Center systems are done by a professional installer.

LivSecure has similar pricing to My Alarm Center. The monitoring needed to match, otherwise more customers would migrate to LivSecure. Monitoring prices start at $34.99/month and go as high as $54.99/month depending on which services are added. LivSecure also requires customers to sign a multi-year contract. Unlike My Alarm Center, LivSecure has a $99/upfront cost. LivSecure packages are sent out to the customer, with the customer doing the installation over the phone with LivSecure staff. LivSecure systems are monitored by Alarm Service Monitoring of Atlanta.

In regards to monthly monitoring rates, My Alarm Center prices are on the high end of the spectrum. Other companies provide similar services for a fraction of the price. LivSecure pricing and services are similar to My Alarm Center. Being affiliated with My Alarm Center made it impossible for LivSecure to differ their value proposition.

It's important to note that alarm users typically stay with a security company for 9 years. Over this period of time, a My Alarm Center or LivSecure customer would spend between $3779 to $5939 on just their monthly monitoring. Similar services with a low cost/high value company like Think Protection would spend between $1703 to $2351! This is a huge savings for similar services!

When choosing a home alarm system make sure you understand the value. Never sign a long term contract with any company. Long term contracts lock you in. This is especially bad when you consider there's a cause in the contract where the company can raise monitoring rates at anytime! Look for a cost effective security solution that doesn't require a long-term commitment. This will keep rates down and makes the company to provide fantastic service.

When looking at high prices and long term contract, avoid protecting your home and family with a My Alarm Center or LivSecure system. There are better offerings elsewhere.