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October 5, 2017
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Monitored Smoke Detector

Fire protection is needed in all homes. Fires are incredibly damaging and because of this, a monitored smoke detector is an essential tool to combat them. Most home alarm companies offer monitored smoke detectors. Here are a few reasons why you should add one to your home alarm system.

Peace of Mind

Having a monitored smoke detector will provide you with incredible peace of mind. A fire can completely destroy your home. A monitored smoke detector not only provides protection when you're home but also away. This way if you have a fire, a professionally monitored central station will be notified. They can contact the fire department if necessary. This will limit potential damage to your home.

Reductions in Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies will provide a discount on your homeowner's insurance by having a monitored smoke detector. They know monitored smoke detectors work. They provide additional support and mitigate the risk of fire damage. The savings will most likely more than cover the cost of the equipment!

Low Cost

Fire protection isn't expensive. If you thought the price is an issue, it's not. Most companies provide monitored smoke detectors for under $100. Think Protection has a monitored smoke detector for only $79.99. Plus there's no additional monthly cost. So you can get a monitored home alarm with a monitored smoke for just $12.99/month!

Monitored smoke detectors work. They will keep you and your family safer. Plus monitored smoke detectors lower the risk of fire damage significantly. They'll help protect you, your family, your home, and firefighters that may have to be called. There's no reason not to add one today to your home alarm package!