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February 23, 2015
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Do I Need An Alarm If I Live In A "Safe" Neighborhood?

One of the main reasons people get a home security system is to protect both their families and their property. People sometimes get the mistaken belief, however, that security systems are only needed in "bad" or dangerous neighborhoods. Many people believe they live in the world's safest neighborhood and have no need for home security. This is a fallacy, however, and everyone needs a home security system for several reasons.

First, if you walk around a neighborhood you consider "safe" there will be a common denominator on the lawns of most houses: a home security sign. Why would a safe neighborhood have so many security systems? Because burglars want the easiest targets and a home security system is a huge stop sign to them. If you are one of the few houses on the street without a home security system, your home is more of a target.

Aside from preventing the break-in, a home security system offers peace of mind. If a thief ever breaks into a home with a security system, statistics show they are not in the home for long. No thief wants to get caught, so if you have a break-in, the burglar will leave immediately.

Lastly, when you have a nice home, you often have nice possessions to protect inside of it. Home insurance companies are so confident in home alarm systems that they will provide their customers a discount just based on having a security system.

Even the safest neighborhoods have home security systems, so never fall into the trap of believing you are too safe for home security.