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January 4, 2018
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Nest Secure Expensive Home Security

Nest Secure is Nest's new DIY home alarm system. Nest Secure is incredibly expensive. The starter package costs $499/upfront. The alarm monitoring costs $35/month without a contract or $25/month with a 3-year contractual term. The big question upon release is why is it so expensive?

There are two reason is because Nest Secure is all style and no substance. Nest as a company is good at making stylish product. Having no experience in the home alarm space, they have overdesigned their equipment. This stylish but uneffective design has resulted into high prices. It hasn't lead to higher effectiveness though. For example the tags included in the package are unnecessary. A useless piece of equipment providing false security. Another piece of equipment solely included to increase the cost of the package to the customer. Any alarm company with a history in the space would know the ineffectiveness of this type of equipment.

Another reason for the high cost, is the fact Nest Secure outsources the monitoring. The monitoring is done by Moni. The fact a secondary company is doing this (one with high overhead) means more cost to the customer. Nest is banking on their name recognition to justify their high price. The reality is they can discount the upfront cost of the system. They can't though lower the monthly monitoring. If they did it would create a rebound effect where older customers would want their amounts lowered - have a huge negative effect on their balance sheet.

With such a large selection of lower priced DIY alarm systems, we don't see any value choosing Nest Secure to protect your home. The price is high. The technology is standard. Some equipment in the package is useless. With other choices providing great security at a significantly lower price, we recommend not choosing Nest Secure.