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Even though Think Protection is a new home alarm company, the team at Think Protection has an incredible history in the home security space. Together, our team at Think Protection has over 125 years in home security. Our knowledge of how to provide the best security at the best price is undebatable and few can compete with our vast wealth of security knowledge.

Leading the way is our Founder and President, Joel Matlin. Joel alone has over 45 years in security, having started former companies Frisco Bay Industries and AlarmForce. Joel is considered the leading figure in North American security for a reason because he understands how to provide the absolute best security for all homeowners at the lowest possible price. An innovator and visionary, Joel's intention with Think Protection are to bring better home security to the masses while eliminating long-term contracts and high prices.

Beyond Joel, the rest of the team at Think Protection brings unparalleled experience. Adam Matlin, co-founder and COO, has 9 years in home security, while the rest of the management team has on average 11 1/2 years working in the home security industry with an average age less than 40!

We know how to provide incredible protection at an unbelievably low price! When you look at our value proposition and our unmatched experience, it's easy to see how no other company comes close to Think Protection!

Think Protection wants to protect your home and family! To get your Think Protection home alarm, call 1-855-76-THINK (1-855-768-4465)!

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