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If you have pets in your home, they become a part of your family.  Whether you have a large dog, a small cat or a drove of potbellied pigs in your home, pet safety is key and you want to make sure that they stay as safe as every other member of your family.  Thankfully, home alarm systems can help keep your pets safe as well.

Smoke Detection – Having a monitored smoke detector means that your family will always be able to hear the alarm and get out of the house safely.  But when you are not at home, a monitored smoke detector is still an invaluable piece of equipment.  If your pet is home alone, it may have no escape from the house, but a central monitoring station will still get the smoke signal, contact you and start fire dispatch procedures.

CO Detection – If you have a CO detector in your home, it will alert you to high levels of poisonous carbon monoxide and an alarm will sound.  Carbon monoxide is deadly to pets, and if you get a call from the central station when you are away from home, it could save an animal’s life.  It is also important to note that in some areas, including Ontario, it is now required by law to have a working CO detector near all sleeping areas in the home.

Protection from break ins – If you have a dog, your home is not immune from break-ins. In fact, unscrupulous intruders may harm your animal if it is trying to protect the home.  Whether it comes to saving pets or your family, you should always Think Protection.

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